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Exclusive Services

We understand the artistic process and we have the technical expertise to boost your business and brand.


Star Bullock and Associates, has extensive experience working with some of the top businesses from small businesses to large corporations. We can take your communication problems from initial concept to a finished product. Let us be your Art Director, handle it for you.

Graphic Design

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a variety of graphic design services to include:


*print publications

*branding & identity

*large format designs

*exhibit & 

*briefings & presentations

*product/clothing designs



Committed to Quality

Our multimedia services include, but are not limited to:

*interactive media

*motion graphics



Product & Package

Exceeding Expectations

*Production Label Design

*Shopping Bag Design

*Product Design and schematics

*Product Photography

*Product/Pattern designs for Home Decor

Pink Sugar

Let's Work Together

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